This tutorial is meant to provide a simple step-by-step guide to playing a game with the bot. If you need any further assistance, join the official support server. SUPPORT SERVER INVITE LINK

Important Reminders

1. Creating a new game

To create a new game, run the command /new inside any server channel.

A new game will be created unless there is already a game running inside that channel. A Discord user may only be part of one game at a time.

The channel where this command is executed will receive updates as the game progresses.

2. Joining the game

To join the game, click the “Join Game” button or run the command /join

/join must be run in the channel containing the game you would like to join.

You will receive a message confirming you have joined the game, and the “New Game Created!” embed will update to reflect the new list of players.

3. Starting the game

To start the game, all players must click the “Start Game” button or run the command /start

Once a player is ready to start, the circle next to their name will turn green. Once all players are ready to start, the game will automatically begin.

When the game first begins, a random player will be assigned the role of judge.

4. Submitting cards as a player

To submit cards, click the reaction button corresponding to the card number or run the command /submit cardNumber

The judge cannot submit cards during this stage. Once all players have submitted their cards, the game will move on to the judging stage.

5. Judging cards

To judge the submissions, run the command /submit cardNumber

The judge should choose whichever submission they think is best suited for the prompt.

6. Winning

The player whose submission is chosen by the judge will win.

This player will earn 1 point, and they will judge the next round.

7. Leaving the game

If you no longer wish to play, leave the game using /leave

If there are not enough players to continue the game, the game will automatically end.